Make drinking water at work great again with our enhanced systems

Hydrated employees are happier and more productive

Gain the advantage by using Oklahoma City’s preferred provider of water filtration services.

Drinking water is important. It keeps the mind sharp and the body healthy, so Hayes Canteen Refreshments has found new ways to encourage drinking water at your Oklahoma City location. We offer multiple systems from reverse osmosis to systems that add carbonation for a sparkling beverage. All our water coolers are environmentally friendly, eliminating the pollution of 5 gallon water bottles and instead hooking into your existing water line and then filtering for particulates. The units deliver hot and cold water and come in different sizes to best fit your space.

Water filtration service yields better tasting water

Customize your water filtration service
to your specific break room needs.

Bring enhanced water into your Oklahoma City business with water filtration service from Hayes Canteen Refreshments at 405-495-8667 or