Delicious food that inspires

Refresh hungry employees onsite with fresh food options made from top-quality ingredients.

Eliminate the need to go offsite for a meal

Locally prepared

All fresh food items are prepared in an Oklahoma City commissary approved by the FDA.

Customized selections

Choose from our wide variety to create the perfect fresh food program for your location.

Employee perk

Offering fresh food is a great benefit to employees looking to stay onsite for meal breaks.

Enhance productivity

Our fresh food program satisfies hunger and reduces time away from the workplace.

Delicious healthy options

Healthy fresh food options bursting with flavor support the efforts by employees to live a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy food should also taste great. That is the goal with our wide variety of healthy fresh food alternatives delivered to break rooms throughout Oklahoma City. This is possible because we have access to a wide variety of healthy fresh food items thanks to being affiliated with Canteen, a national convenience services company.

More options. More choice.

We offer Oklahoma City customers the largest variety of fresh food options around, from sandwiches to soups.
Reap the rewards of fresh food in the break room with help from Hayes Canteen Refreshments at 405-495-8667 or