Designed to offer more benefits

Contemporary fixtures showcase hundreds of options ready for employees to purchase 24/7.

It’s time to offer something unique and customizable in your Oklahoma facility. A micro-market from Haynes Canteen is a break room solution that offers around the clock refreshments on-site. Employees love the greater variety of options, sophisticated looking fixtures, and self-checkout kiosk. Micro-markets can also be used by your company to offer employees incentives. Pay for some or all of the micro-market products to make them free or reduced price for employees.

Micro-market benefits in Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City micro-market benefits

Enhance corporate culture

Use your break room as an asset that entices employees and makes them happy to be working in your Oklahoma business.

Nutritious choices

Indulge in great tasting healthy options in the micro-market, such as fresh food, fruits, high protein items, and more.

Quick and convenient

Micro-markets improve efficiency by offering on-site food and beverage options that get employees back to work faster.

Culture boosting

Discover how much having a mini storefront in your break room can improve morale and make employees feel appreciated.

Fully automated

A micro-market’s inventory is managed online, automatically updating sales and creating real-time restocking lists.

Huge product variety

The open fixtures in a micro-market allow for a large number of selections, from snacks to food to cold beverages.

Attractive decor

Our micro-markets are custom wrapped in well-designed graphics that match your decor and elevate the break area.

Mobile friendly checkout

Employees use the self-checkout kiosk to scan items and make purchases, paying with cash, credit, or mobile payment.

Add staff incentives

Subsidize the micro-market in full or by partially paying for items to reduce costs and increase the employee benefit.

Stronger balance

Micro-markets provide the delicious grab and go options sought after by busy Oklahoma employees.

Enjoy the best break room in Oklahoma — a micro-market from Haynes Canteen at 405-495-8667 or