Finely crafted teas to delight your Oklahoma City employees and customers

Create a trendy tea bar in your break room

Dedicated tea drinkers want only the best tea service in Oklahoma City — Hayes Canteen

More variety

Choose from our broad selection of quality hot teas, including green, herbal, black, white, and Oolong.

Wellness benefits

Tea, especially green tea, has been associated with a number of healthy benefits in numerous studies.

Tea services in Oklahoma City
All day option

Tea is increasingly popular in the Oklahoma City area with younger drinkers dedicated to finding that perfect cup.

Perfect add-on

A quality tea program transforms your office coffee service into something truly special that people love.

Quality tea with all the extras

We have everything you need to create the ideal tea service solution for your Oklahoma City business from artisan teas to honey sticks.

Elevate your office coffee service offerings with professional tea service from Hayes Canteen Refreshments at 405-495-8667 or