Inspire a more collaborative and productive workspace with quality coffee products

Quality coffee in Oklahoma City
Discover delicious flavors with fresh beans

Enjoy amazing coffee with bean-to-cup brewers that grind the perfect amount of beans before brewing each cup.

Variety of gourmet options

Ensure your employees and guests enjoy the coffee experience with gourmet beans and specialty drinks on-site.

bringing the finests quality teas to Oklahoma City
Create a tea oasis

Provide the ultimate OCS benefits by bringing in the finests quality teas, from Green to Oolong, to your Oklahoma City business.

A gourmet coffee experience

Hayes Canteen Refreshments has developed our own custom roasted, private label coffee, in Grind 405. It reflects the unique nature of our city and region. Contact us for a taste test of Grind 405, available only from Hayes Canteen Refreshment. No one knows the 405 like we do. We have been here since 1939 – Family owned and operated.

Your partner in sustainable coffee and tea

From recycled single-cup options to global community initiatives, Hayes Canteen Refreshment is supporting a greener world. We continue to offer recyclable K-cups as they are produced as well as Fair Trade coffees that ensure a livable wage and community support for coffee farmers. Our coffee brewers are energy efficient and we continue to look for new ways to ensure a healthy planet.
coffee bean bags from Hayes Canteen Refreshment

More of the coffee products you want

The experts in Oklahoma City at delivering the range of office coffee products you need, such as creamers, paper products, plasticware, stir sticks, and more.

Professional office coffee service solutions

We combine the best office coffee service products with reliable service to provide A+ solutions to Oklahoma City.

Time to elevate the coffee break into a true employee benefit with better OCS products from Hayes Canteen Refreshments at 405-495-8667 or